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Cognitive Psychology: Get detailed analysis and improve your knowledge

Did you ever experience? Sometimes we remember things without doing any efforts. But sometimes important information slips from our minds so quickly. And we are unable to do anything about this. That time we try hard to remember that particular information but we are unable to recall it. This is only one example of cognitive psychology.

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Definition of cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychology is a branch of psychology which allow you to study internal mental processes and all the information that goes inside your brain. Which include perception, thinking, attention, language problem-solving, memory and learning. Today this branch of psychology has gained a lot of popularity and this is the reason why people trying to understand the concept and theories behind cognitive psychology

If we study cognitive psychology we get to know there are numerous practical application which includes

  • Providing help
  • Coping with memory disorders
  • Finding ways so that we could help people to recover brain injury
  • Finding a solution to overcome learning disorders.
  • A solution for structuring, improving the learning ability

Cognitive psychology helps us to know about people’s thinking process and make us more aware of the human brain and its functionality. Psychologist use cognitive psychology as a tool for helping people who are suffering from psychological difficulties in their life and improve their lifestyle

Principle of cognitive psychology

When you decide to do something after a lot of thinking you are probably using a bain function that is known as cognitive (conscious). However, your brain is a mystery. And it has another part that is more mystical which is known as unconscious by (Sigmund Freud) and the subconscious by (Pierre Janet). 

Cognitive learning principals are related to the conscious thought that affect our learning activities. These principles are responsible for our learning behaviour and motivate us towards a more profitable outcome.

They basically depend on a certain key principles which are listed below:

  • The basic principle of cognitive learning depends on your knowledge and focus what kind of information do you have rather than a response to stimuli. When you apply cognitive learning principal you are basically trying to convey your thought process and connecting them with your memories. 
  • Another principle of cognitive learning is all about focus on connections and order. Once you connect all the dots between your new information and try to make a link between your old information with new. It helps you to learn things in a better way
  • Cognitive learning also depends on probability, approaches and plan. Suppose you are a part of a classroom and your teacher is taking your class In such situation apart of your mind will always work and try to collect information and help you to learn. It will create a plan of learning and activity approach and provide profitability. 

Cognitive science

We can define Cognitive Science as an interdisciplinary and scientific study of the human mind and its processing.  With the help of cognitive science, we can examine the natural function of cognition task and we also get to know about human Intelligence and behaviour. Cognitive science is quite helpful for finding out how the nervous system represents, proceed and transmit the information.

It allows you to know about language perception, reasoning, emotion memory attention. To understand these faculties scientist take help from pychology, artificial intelligence, philosophy neuroscience and anthropology.  If you want to understand cognitive science you need to conduct an intense research process. 

Cognitive science is quite a broad field and it has various concepts and theories that are still a mystery for the human and scientists. They are trying their level best to understand them.  One of the fundamental concepts of cognitive science is related to thinking and thought generation. 

Cognitive Psychology Thinking

Thinking reasoning and problem-solving ability is considered a significant part of cognitive psychology. There are a lot of challenges that an individual need to face in his life. These challenges are generally solved through a series of effort which involves a lot of thinking and reasoning.   We can consider the power of thinking and reasoning ability is the essential tool that works for the welfare and meaningful existence of the individual. 

Thinking can be classified as follows:

1. Perceptual or Concrete Thinking:

Making perception about something and concrete thinking is considered as one of the simplest forms of thinking. It works on the interpretation of sensation according to the experience of any individual.  The reason why it is also called concrete thinking as it is carried out with the perception of concrete or actual objects and events.

2. Conceptual or Abstract Thinking:

This form of Thinking use concept languages and generalized object. It is considered as being superior to particular thinking and helps to economize  effort in problem-solving and understanding capability. 

3. Reflective Thinking:

With the help of this thinking, we can easily solve complex problems. For solving complex problems it requires recognization of all the previous and relevant experience to the situation and removes the obstacle. It is a type of thinking that includes all the relevant fact arranged in logical order into an account. 

4. Creative Thinking:

Creative Thinking helps people to create something new and constructive. Basically you can understand creative thinking as a person’s ability to think something extraordinary.  Creative Thinking always searches for a new relationship and association so that it could describe and interpret with nature of event and situation.  


As you can see how Cognitive Psychology plays a vital role in our life. Whenever we make a decision in our life, there is cognitive psychology behind it and it helps us to decide whether we should make a decision or not. Cognitive Psychology is still a mysterious box for menkind and it has a lot of potentials.

So if you want to have a career in Cognitive Psychology you can definitely go for it and help men kind to live a healthier life. I hope this blog post was helpful to you and capable enough to sort all your doubts regarding Cognitive Psychology.

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