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How to write an anecdote?

Before talking about anecdote and how you should proceed with it you may be wondering “what is the exact meaning of anecdote and how to write an anecdote?”, in a simple language, we can understand anecdote as a short story that is related with your previous incident or past. For instance, you can understand anecdote, suppose you are telling about some incident to your friend and the whole conversation is in the form of storytelling then this whole scenario will be considered as an anecdote. Today in this blog post we will talk about an anecdote in a detailed manner and help you to know everything about it. 

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What is anecdote and how we should proceed with it?


While narrating an incident or scenario if you want to give a personal perspective you use an anecdote. With the help of anecdote, we can illustrate a point and make people think about our perspective and we can also make them laugh, sad or angry. If you are a literature student you must be aware of this form of writing.

An anecdote is quite useful when you write a college application essay. Sometimes you also need to write some articles based on your previous life experience as a part of academic writing activity and in such a scenario it’s an anecdote that plays a major role in your writing. 

Example of anecdote

Non-fictional information essays

 You can see clearly see the presence of anecdote in non-fictional informational essays where you need to represent the information in such a way so that listener could interact with it or think about the topic. For example, if I need to write something about gender discrimination in the workplace I should also add some point that can justify women can also be guilty of this. 

I remember my first job where I was working under a female boss she didn’t like hiring a young woman as she thinks they are just going to get married and move away or have babies and then we have to give them maternity leave. It was the perfect example of gender discrimination where we can see how a woman can also be guilty of her deeds

An anecdote to amuse or entertain

Not all anecdotes are serious if something funny or interesting happens to you today  you can tell your friends and enjoy the moment that’s an anecdote here’s one of my favourites

My brother used to play his ps4 for all day and night. One day I was watching a cartoon and he was insisting to play PS4. He was kept asking me again and again and I was not in the mood of giving him remote so he shouted at me and I  threw the remote and it broke into pieces. Well, soon we realised that we both are not able to watch TV as it is only functional through its remote and we both started laughing and I was laughing much too hard for that.

What is the proper way to write an anecdote?

Before writing anecdote you must have one thing in your mind that it should be relevant to the context. Suppose if you are writing about a cat ask yourself “why I want to use anecdote and what point will it illustrate?”

Next, consider these points

What are the characteristics that are going to involved in this story?

  • What happened
  • When did it happen is this relevant
  • Where did happen is this relevant

As anecdote is a mini-story you cannot add too much information you should clear about its write up and try to wind up the whole scenario in limited words. You introduce the story and tell your audience what happened and then you either draw a conclusion or ask a question so your reader can reach his or her own conclusion and this is how you should write an anecdote

Difference between anecdotes and stories

Anecdotes are short and they will consist of a paragraph or maybe two-paragraph whereas stories are longer. When we write a story we provide a lot of information and detail and spend more time and effort whereas anecdote does not take that much of time and effort and you just need to add basic information to discuss the whole scenario

  • Can anecdote be a single sentence?
  • Yes we can summarise anecdote in a simple sentence for example
  • My dog always play with me in the morning
  • Maria is so beautiful she always hugs me instead of just greeting me
  • When I was a student I work in a supermarket

Given examples are not the perfect anecdote but we cannot deny the fact that they are anecdotes nonetheless

How to write a perfect anecdote

  • Just follow a simple method of writing and you will have a great anecdote
  • Choose a relevant event that had happened to you or someone else
  • Try to pick a story which is interesting amusing inspiring or through-provoking
  • Structure your ideas
  • Tell your story briefly
  • Draw a calculation

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