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What are the important areas of math homework?

Mathematics as a formal area of teaching and learning was basically developed about, 5000 years ago by the Sumerians. Mathematics was developed at the same time when reading and writing developed. However, the roots of math were much more than, 5000 years. Humans have always faced the need to measure and communicate about the quantity, time and distance.

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Mathematics as a discipline

As discipline mathematics, tends to be defined by the types of problems that it addresses. The methods which it uses to address these problems, and also the results it has achieved. Consider the math of measurement of time such as seasons, years, months, weeks, days and so on. Consider math in art, music and dance. There is basically a rich history of human development of mathematics that is used in our modern society. It is a broad and deep discipline that is continuing to grow in breadth and depth. 

Mathematics is considered as a useful language and tool that is considered one of the “basics” in our formal educational system. 

Different academic disciplines of math

As I told you, before the advent of the modern age, the study of math was very limited. But over the period of time,  mathematics has developed as a largely diverse topic. And this is definitely not the limit. There is a development, which is still making large contributions ot the field of technology. Therefore, it would be better if we termed mathematics as the “Queen of science”. Science is incomplete with mathematics. There are so many areas of science that have evolved with the base of mathematics. There are different branches of mathematics.

Mathematics can be  broadly categorized into the following discipline:

Why math homework is important?

Did you ever question yourself why mathematics is an essential subject of our academics? Well here is the best answer for this query. We all will accept this fact that academics are meant to improve our learning ability and they prepare us for upcoming challenges. Mathematics is a subject that is full of concepts and ideas.

These concepts and ideas not only participate in the growth of our mental ability but also enhance our reasoning and critical thinking ability.  mathematics is a subject which is not just limited to the mathematical calculations only. Concepts that we learn in this subject are helpful for us in a various manner. We can clearly see the use of concepts of mathematics in other subjects like computer science, physics, chemistry and manymore.


Arithmetic is the most elementary and oldest among the other disciplines of mathematics. It basically deals with the numbers and basics which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


It is a kind of arithmetic where you can easily use the unknown quantities along with the numbers. Generally, these quantities are understood or represented by the letters of the English alphabet such as X, Y, A, B or many other symbols. The main aim of using these alphabetical letters to help you to generalize the formulas and rules that you write. Also, it helps you to find the unknown value in the algebraic equations and expressions. You come across algebra homework too often, hence you can learn with the expert guidance or you can pay someone to do your algebra homework.


This is considered as the most important and practical branch of Mathematics. It deals with the shape and size of figures and their properties. Geometry theorems are often associated with angles. You probably have studied graphing, with the horizontal axis (the x-axis ) and the vertical axis (y-axis ) with straight lines and methods of determining the slope of the straight line. The basic elements of geometry are lines, points, angles, surfaces and solids.

Other than the above, there are some other branches of mathematics that you would deal with in the higher classes.


Trigonometry is the branch of math studying angles; it generally forms part of what used to be called plane Geometry. Derived from the Greek terms “tragnon” that means a triangle and metron that means a measure. Trigonometry deals with the angles and associated with certain defined ratios. They are born the trigonometric concepts of sine, cosine, tangent, secant and cosecant associated with an angle of any magnitude. 


It is one of the most essential branches of Mathematics. It has many applications in other fields of knowledge. Such as physical sciences, social science, biological sciences and computer science. Calculus forms the base for analysis. It introduces various essential concepts. Also, it provides powerful mathematical tools. These tools allow mathematicians to determine efficiently and accurately quantities.

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Why students struggle with math and how they can overcome it?

As interesting is math for some students over the years. Math has got a bad status as many other students as they find the subject hard and difficult. In fact, for many years, practising math is not something comes intuitively or automatically, also it takes plenty of effort. There is a study where it is found that 37% of the students aged between 13-17 found the math to be the most difficult and hard subject.

It shows that the numbers of students struggling with the math subject. It is not simply because of a short attention span. So below are some of the reasons why students struggle with the Math subject:

Basic concepts are not clear

The most common problem of learning mathematics is that students lack an understanding of the basic concepts. Students always deal with the basics. Because of no knowledge of the basic they are not able to find the solution. This is why they are not able to do their math homework. So, think about the building blocks, you need to first lay the foundation before moving forward. If the foundation is not laid properly, then the blocks will fall apart. So better you work on the basics.

Lack of practice

Math is a subject that can’t be understood if you simply don’t spend enough time in practising. Even though if students have a thorough understanding of the math lesson, without practice the concepts will be lost of them. Sometimes students think that they understand a concept. But in reality, when they solve the question, they end up struggling through the process. So it would be better if you do a lot of practice. 

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