Know About Our Privacy Policy

Whenever it comes to an online transaction, students are mostly worried about our privacy policy. Do My Homework US can understand that worry exists among the students as well. However, we are strongly determined about securing the personal details of our students. You never need to worry about your details related to payment transactions of order details. We never disclose these details to anyone. We have our own work ethics. 

Top US Writers Hiring

We have a selective hiring and only accept 4% of the homework writers to do your homework.

Choose Your Expert

You can chose any homework expert of your choice. We provide an option to chose from 200 experts.

We Match Best Expert

In case you are not able to make decision, our system matches you with the best expert to do your homework.

Compatible With All Device

When you ask us to do your homework, you can do it from any device as we are machine agnostic. We work on all devices.

US Timezone Covered

Does not matter if you are in CST, EST or PST, we cover all timezones in the US. Hence we are 24 hours online.

Provide Job Opportunity

We hire students for part time jobs like chat support , calling and emailing and generate local jobs for the students in the US

Homework Requirement Check

We make sure your homework is checked before any expert is assigned to do it for you. Any mismatched requirements are raised beforehand.

Partial Homework Draft

You are eligible to ask for a partial homework draft from the expert doing your homework. We provide 50% work before delivery.

Turnitin Report

You get a free Turnitin report along with your homework answers. We make sure content is original and without any academic breach.

We are SSL Secured and so are your personal details

Most students are worried about their personal details because they are concerned about getting caught for getting their homework done through online assistance. They are afraid whether they are doing some kind of cheating. The first thing that we like to assure you is that you are not doing anything unethical. Most of our experts are working as a freelancer. These experts are also working as a professor in many universities. There could be many chances of our experts being your own professor. Therefore, we strictly keep it confidential between the experts and students. 

When you land on our website. You have to log into our website and create an account. Your account will be created on the basis of your own registered email ID and Password. You can change the credentials of your account whenever you want. Only you will be able to see the details of your completed orders, ongoing orders and existing concerns. These things will not be reflected on your screen unless you are logged into your account. In case you are facing any trouble with your account, you can simply convey the concern to our support team and we will get it to troubleshoot from our end. Similarly, we have a 50-50 payment process. 

We have received a rating of4.93/5 based on 281 reviews when we did homework for our clients from the US.

Your order details are never shared with anyone

When you fill the order form, it will reflect on our database and after discussing with the expert, we will share the price quote. Once you agree with the price quote, you can make the 50% of the payment to confirm the order. Once you make the initial payment, your order will get confirmed and our experts will start working on it immediately. Once the order is complete, we will intimate your on your registered email ID or you can check the update by yourself. You can make the remaining payment to download the solution. 

Once the solution is downloaded, you can go through the solution and let us know about the solution. If there are any corrections or amendments, you can simply share the feedback and we will reopen your order for a rework. You can get all the updates about your order by simply sharing the respective order number with our support. We will share all the updates and your concerns about your order. You no longer need to share your concern more than once. It will be stored in our database and we will get to it promptly. 

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Our payment mechanism is secure and private

Similarly, all the payment transactions are made through PayPal. It is currently the most secured payment gateway. In case, you are not able to make the payment, you can contact us through email, call SMS or online chat support system. All your payments will be handled smoothly by our support team. In case, you are having trouble with payments, you can share the payment receipt with us and we will confirm the order for you. We will get it resolved through our network. In case, your payment is stuck, you can contact the PayPal directly and get it resolved in an hour. Your debit and credit card details are not registered in our database. These details remain in the database of PayPal. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about the leakage of your card information.