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The most crucial detail about any website could its refund policy. You should make it a point to read the refund policy of every website where you make payment transactions. There could be some many possibilities when you will be needing a refund. DoMyHomework would like to inform you that in any circumstance you should not hesitate to discuss the issues related to your payment. There are many instances where students make the payment twice without realizing. Later, they realize they have made the double payment. In these scenarios, you can contact our support team and get the issue resolved. 

Top US Writers Hiring

We have a selective hiring and only accept 4% of the homework writers to do your homework.

Choose Your Expert

You can chose any homework expert of your choice. We provide an option to chose from 200 experts.

We Match Best Expert

In case you are not able to make decision, our system matches you with the best expert to do your homework.

Compatible With All Device

When you ask us to do your homework, you can do it from any device as we are machine agnostic. We work on all devices.

US Timezone Covered

Does not matter if you are in CST, EST or PST, we cover all timezones in the US. Hence we are 24 hours online.

Provide Job Opportunity

We hire students for part time jobs like chat support , calling and emailing and generate local jobs for the students in the US

Homework Requirement Check

We make sure your homework is checked before any expert is assigned to do it for you. Any mismatched requirements are raised beforehand.

Partial Homework Draft

You are eligible to ask for a partial homework draft from the expert doing your homework. We provide 50% work before delivery.

Turnitin Report

You get a free Turnitin report along with your homework answers. We make sure content is original and without any academic breach.

Refund to bank or payment source 

Our payment gateway is secured through Paypal. Therefore, you never need to worry about your money. In case, you have not received the solution for the order due to uncalled situation, you can simply ask for a refund from us. Our management team would call you and get your informed consent. Once the confirmation is received from your end, we initiate the refund immediately. There are very rare cases of refund issue observed throughout the tenure of our service. We always recommend the users to share the complete materials related to the assignment or homework while placing the order.

Unlimited rework policy - No refund in case rework is out of scope

It occurs much time when a student does not share the complete materials and receives a different kind of solution. Well, we are always are ready to perform a rework on your solution. So, you do not need to worry about that. The refund is initiated only during the time when we do not have any experts in the loop. The chances of that scenario are very rare as we have many experts. We have noticed many times when a student makes the payment and it does not reflect on their account. Therefore, the order does not get confirmed. Please, do not worry in those cases. You can simply take the screenshot of your payment receipt and share it with our support team. We will confirm the payment from our source bank and confirm the order. 

We have received a rating of4.93/5 based on 281 reviews when we did homework for our clients from the US.

We take full responsibility for the solution provided by our experts. In case, we are not able to deliver the work, we take full responsibility for that. That is why we get the solution under full supervision. You just need to raise a complaint with us and we will comply with your request. You can choose to get the refund in your account wallet or bank account itself. We also provide a cashback amount for the little discrepancies faced by the student. It is not just about the refund. It is about compensating the student righteously. Therefore, we take suggestions from the student directly. 

Transparent refund in case of non-delivery of the service

For any kind of disruption, we provide compensations respectively. The refund policy of our company is completely transparent to the users. Whatever you concern maybe, you just need to share it with us. It takes less than 2-3 working days to process the refund. It is not easy to satisfy customers. It takes a number of years to gain the complete trust of the users. We have been providing homework help for a couple of years now and we haven’t disappointed the users with our work or refund policy. You can be completely free to ask any question you may have. We can assure you that you will find everything that you need with your academics. We adhere to our refund policy strictly. Therefore, you can feel completely free. We always thrive towards solving all the queries of the user to the best of our potential. 

There are more to our policies and if you go and read domyhomework terms and conditions, you will find out what are the non-avoidable circumstances and what is the expected output in such situations. 

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