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Online classes have taken a leap with the world focusing on online education and classrooms. There has been an ongoing debate about whether the classroom learning is better than online learning and we are inclined towards a hybrid model. Nevertheless, students are enrolling for online classes more than ever. be it a short course of an entire degree, there are multiple options to chose online. Keeping the need of students who keep asking do my homework for me, we have designed an online solution. 

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You can chose any homework expert of your choice. We provide an option to chose from 200 experts.

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In case you are not able to make decision, our system matches you with the best expert to do your homework.

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When you ask us to do your homework, you can do it from any device as we are machine agnostic. We work on all devices.

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Does not matter if you are in CST, EST or PST, we cover all timezones in the US. Hence we are 24 hours online.

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We hire students for part time jobs like chat support , calling and emailing and generate local jobs for the students in the US

Homework Requirement Check

We make sure your homework is checked before any expert is assigned to do it for you. Any mismatched requirements are raised beforehand.

Partial Homework Draft

You are eligible to ask for a partial homework draft from the expert doing your homework. We provide 50% work before delivery.

Turnitin Report

You get a free Turnitin report along with your homework answers. We make sure content is original and without any academic breach.

How you take my online class for me?

We have a set of instructions to stick when we take an online class for the students who sign up for our services. Taking an online class on your behalf requires a lot more effort than it looks since we need to coordinate with the group for projects, keep track of professor emails and refer to your notes and books for weekly submissions. However, it is still easy for us to take your online class since we follow the following process.

  • Check your online class syllabus and login details - The foremost step is to understand the syllabus of your online class and verify all related login details to platform ( Canvas, Blackboard, D2L and many others). 
  • Review Syllabus and provide cost to do your online class - We thoroughly check what part of class can be done by us and rest by you. For example, as part of taking your online class, our helpers ensure discussions, assignments, quizzes and exams are done for the class. However, any specific participation where you need ot take Zoom calls, attendance or anything personal with the professor has to be taken care by you.
  • Make a plan for take you online class - We come up with the plan about when all submissions will be addressed. For example, we provide a handout when your class discussion board will be posted along with replies to the peers. We also ensure your assignments or quizzes are not pushed until the last date of the week. This keeps us ahead of deadlines.
  • Special preparation for midterm and final exam for the class - A class including midterm quiz or final exam becomes critical as both exams contribute around 25-30% to the overall grade. Hence, we start preparing well in advnace and take midterm exam or final exam just before the last day. We do not rush.
  • Keep you posted on grades progress every week of your online class - We send out the grades every week to and show how are we progressing. When you say take my online class, we put our best foot forward to maintain top grades on your class.

With an organized approach we manage to take 500 online classes every month for the users. Moreover, we have more than 85% classes with Grade A, 13-14% classes with Grade B and less than 1% class with Grade C. Hence, our online class helpers have been able to deliver great results. 

How much is the cost to do my online class?

Pricing is a sensitive point for the students, but we take care of it in the best possible way. There are many websites who quote their price per week, however, it happens to be expensive for students. Hence, we provide a total cost to do your online class. Here are the details to know how much it cost to pay someone to do your online class.

  • Math and Stats class cost - We receive enquiry for many math and stats classes from Pearson, It can be standard mathematics or stats or can be advanced online math class. We charge online math pearson class starting $500 per class. It can go upto $750 per class in case the number of homework, review quizzes and exams are higher in number. Furthermore, online math class on Edgenutiy can cost you upto $800 as it has more than 100 submissions and video content to complete your online class. Popular online math class platforms are ALEKS, Edgenuity, Pearson mymathlab.
  • Eight week online course - Most of the three credit courses are eight week. It typically include discussion, replies to peers, an assignment and a quiz. Such eight week classes are done on Canvas or Blackboard of your college. You only have to pay in the range of $600 to $650 for such classes. However, a few difficult courses including labs can cost upto $800 for the entire coursework.
  • Twelve week online course - We price these classes just like the eight week and you pay extra for the 4 weeks. So if eight week class cost is $500, you only have to pay $650 for 12 week class if you want someone to take it for you.
  • Sixteen week online class - A sixteen week online class cost you in the range of $900-$1000 per class. However, if you place an order for multiple classes, we provide a better price to do your online courses.

The prices above is just an idea how we price your online classes, but we only do your online class when we have an agreement to work. We have flexibility in payment plans and you can chose a plan of your comfort. In the next section you can find out how do you you pay for the classes.

How can I pay you to take my online class for me?

We believe in flexible payment plans as everyone has their own financial constraints. A few users decide to pay the whole cost upfront and a few decide to break their payment into multiple instalments. We honor both proposals and create a custom payment plan while doing your online class. Here are the various options to chose from

  • Pay whole amount upfront to take your online class -  When you first sign up for the service, it is highly likely to be apprehensive of quality, hence there are a few users who decide to pay upfront. However, on successful completion of your courses in a semester, most of our returning users make whole payment upfront. 
  • Pay amount in two equal instalments - When an online class taker is assigned to do your online class, we pay them as per your payment plan. Hence, if you pay in two equal instalments you can pay it at the beginning of the class and the middle of the class. For example, for Eight week class, you can pay a deposit upfront and remaining half at the start of week 5 of your class.
  • Divide amount into three or four equal instalments - When you pay for the online class, our customized payment plan is most popular. For example, you can divide an amount of $600 in three equal instalment. In case an amount is more than $1000, you can chose a custom payment plan of four equal instalments on the regular interval of your online class.

These are standard payment plans you can chose when we take your online class. Moreover, we also have cases where student ask us to take entire online degree program for the span of 2 years. We can do your online degree for you from any university offering online classes.

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How do we ensure complete privacy when we do your online class?

We never login to your online class without a random IP address, hence we use advanced VPN software to mask IP addresses used to login to your class. Since there is an entire team taking care of your class submissions other than experts, it becomes imperative to leave no digital footprints from various locations.

Sometimes, blackboard linked with Microsoft login can disable the login and you have to go throgh unnecessary hassle. hence, we only use the footprints from the USA in the your closest location. If you are from texas and want to pay for online class help, we assign an online class helper based in Texas to avoid any issues with logins.

How do you manage my push notifications to sign up or one time code?

We only login or request a passcode in your timezone. it is almost impossible for a client to be avaialble around the clock. hence, in most of the classes we setup the Duo application to setup authenticar for the passcode or we keep take you on WhatsApp to connect for the passcode in your timezone whenever neeeded. 

We never leave any important aspect of your online class as it is important for the entire degree program to maintain top grades on your class. It is why we cannot afford to miss any submission due to login issues. When you trust us to do your online class, we deliver the best.

Are we better than the online class helpers on Reddit?

There are many students who wanted us to take their online class on urgent basis. We figured out that they had some kind of issue with the online class takers on Reddit. There are several experts on Reddit platform to do your online course, but we standout. There are several reasons to chose for online class help.

  • We are registered company - It is better to trust a company rather than an individual. In case you can post their review on Reddit, they can create a new profile to get more users for online class help. However, a company doesn't change identity.
  • We have done more than 5000 classes -  We are experienced with more than 20 classes being confirmed every day. It makes us a reliable online class helper in the USA.
  • A minimum grade guarantee or full refund - We provide a grade guarantee of B or better. However, we strive to score A on your online class. In case the grade is not as per the commitment we process refund. If Grade is C, you get 50% refund, in case the grade is poor, you get a full refund.
  • Your identity and privacy is important - You cannot let someone login to your university portal and work for you unless you have trust in the company. Hence, we have all necessary security checks in place to reduce chances of leak. Your information is safe with us.

There are many other reasons like reliance on advanced academic tools, plagiarism checkers, a team of proofreaders to take care of your online class. You might not get multiple benefits when you hire someone to take your online class from Reddit.